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About Us

KATCardio is established on 2010. Khosro Asia Teb (KAT) is one of the KMT healthcare group companies specialized in cardiovascular products. By the help of highly qualified consultants from universities and scientific societies; KAT company not only provides leading medical products in cardiovascular sub-specialties but also cooperates with the manufacturers to improve their products in an innovative way.

At the moment KAT exclusively represents the following companies:

Lifetech Scientific: (Occluders, Stent Graft System, VenaCava Filter, Snare, Trans Catheter Pulmonary & Aortic Valves) 

Numed Canada Inc:(Manufacturers of Angioplasty and Valvuloplasty catheters) 

Microlife WatchBP:(The world’s first strictly guideline-based office and out-of-office blood pressure measurement solution that gives physicians the tool for advanced hypertension diagnosis, treatment, and long-term monitoring) 



We aim to become the most reliable organization offering family health products and services for all the beneficiaries of this industry (patients, doctors, treatment centers, investors, insurers, distribution network, costumers, and business partners) in Iran and across the Middle East.


This Organization tends to present the latest technology in health industry, by developing self monitoring culture in this field, besides making profit from products and services related to health for all the people, it makes it possible to provide improvement of their health level before visiting the doctor or health centers, after the visit and during the treatment.